5 Keys I went from weighing 263lbs to 210lbs…

AND still lead a growth boom as a busy CEO in our organization!

Fitness Before and After

My favorite definition of a habit is “whenever an action goes from taking conscious thought – to autopilot.” Think of this as when you space out while driving somewhere you have been to a thousand times. You pull into the parking spot and instantly think; I don’t remember driving here at all…

This is how we know we have established a habit. When something is built into our daily routine so well that we don’t even need to think about it happening – it just happens without conscious thought. Success in business and in life comes as a result of creating habits that lead directly to the goals we set, whether it is increasing revenue or losing weight.

So, how did I do it?

6 years ago, I weighed 263 pounds (and 35% body fat!). I knew that I wanted to change my lifestyle and become healthier, but was concerned I could not do that while also continuing to lead our growing organization! I followed 5 key steps in my journey to a healthy 210 pounds and I’ll be sharing them with you today.

1 — Focus on a habit.

Don’t think about the big goal, identify a key habit that will likely cause a goal to be accomplished. Reaching a major goal is nothing more than meeting tiny, micro goals a.k.a. habits on a daily basis.

2 — Focus on a habit that is sustainable.

There are no shortcuts. Study people who live a healthy life. What do they do? Focus on changing your lifestyle habits. Eating packaged meals that total 800 calories a day will cause you to lose weight. However, eating pre-packaged meals that equal 800 calories per day is not sustainable and is not something I would want to do the rest of my life.

3 — Focus on a habit that you want to put in place for a good start.

Focus on something small when you’re first starting out. Build momentum by getting early wins. If you start out of the blocks by trying to only eat 2 apples a day, starving yourself, you will be miserable. There is a sustainable way to live fit. Spend time reading and listening to those that are living that life. Learn from them.

4 — Choose a foundational habit from which you can build.

Focus on a foundational habit. What is the one thing you can change that will give you immense results? For me it was entering my calorie intake into Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal (an app that tracks the nutrients you are consuming while giving you advice on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle). It taught me that there are many hidden calories in foods and drinks that I did not understand. I could not accurately know what I need to do next if I do not know factually how much energy (calories) I am consuming versus how many calories I am burning.

5 — Face Reality.

I faced reality in four very specific ways.

  1. I had an accountability partner. We have done body fat checks every 2 weeks for nearly two years.
  2. I weigh myself on a scale each morning to see how I am trending.
  3. I have surrounded myself with like-minded people with like-minded healthy goals. It’s much easier for me not to order nachos with extra cheese if nobody else at our table is doing that either!
  4. I faced the reality that if I eat more calories than my body burns, my body will store the excess as fat. On the other hand, if my body burns more calories than I eat, then my body will lean down.

What foundational habit could you focus on that would make the biggest impact in your life?

Who and what will make sure that a minor mistake in trying to change your habits doesn’t snowball into the same old bad habits you are trying to break?