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Start Your Career in Roofing Sales

Finally, a place that true sales people can feel at home.
A place where you are appreciated and can thrive.  At Accord, we offer an exciting and fun sales culture and no ceiling on how much you can earn.
Get paid what you're worth...Skies the limit!

Whether an experienced sales veteran or you’ve hidden the
inner sales ninja for years, now’s the time!

Discover The Possibilities

Sign Bigger Deals
Get Bigger Pay
It's That Simple

Tired of selling low-dollar services or products and making too little?
Our average job is above $14,000 so you make more money on every sale!

No Cap in
Your Earnings
No Kidding

The best salespeople love strong commissions and no caps on their earnings.
The average salesperson makes $107,000. The top performers have made over $300,000 per year.

Help People
Solve Problems
Feel Good

It’s not just about making great money. You’ll also love helping people restore their homes back to livable condition. Hearing and seeing their praise is worth it all.

Embrace Your
Inner Spirit

Ever thought about owning your own business but didn’t want the risk or problems that come with overhead or growth. Our sales team is full of entrepreneurs like you.

Freedom Within
a Supportive

Our processes and systems allow you to have some flexibility in your day/week and still make it to the life events you want to attend. 

Goodbye to
Day-To-Day Boredom
or Desk Jobs

Explorers don’t like living behind a desk. Have more fun being on the go, breathing fresh air and staying healthy.

Nobody keeps you in a box!

Sales Process

Yes, we train you on our easy-to-learn sales
process in days and you start making money fast.

We don’t waste time...
we’re go-getters!

Praise, Reward &

Every day at Accord you’ll see shout-outs, praise and love for your performance.

We award and celebrate through compensation, prizes, trips and more!


Life is too short for a boring, low-paying job. At Accord, if your
personality matches our profile for success... you just got your ticket outta there! Spread your wings and start your new journey with Accord.


Yes, I’m Ready to
Change My Career

You’ve had it with the same old,
boring job and are ready to become
our next success story. At Accord,
we change lives. Let’s start the
application process now.

Wait, I Still Have

So you may need some more
convincing or have questions that
we’ve not already answered.
That’s okay! We’d be glad to talk.
After all, this is a big decision!