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Friends Forever

You have awesome friends.

We are an awesome company.

It's basically a match made in heaven.

So tell your friends & earn some moolah.

Seriously, when you tell your friends about this awesome company and 90 days after they become an employee, we will give you $100. When your friends are employed for a year, we'll give you another $500. Per friend. Seriously.

For example...

Through this page, you tell twenty of your favorite peoples.

Seven of those friends become part of the Accord family.

In three short months, you would get $700. One hundred smackaroos for each of the seven.

Nine months after that, (the end of their first year), you would get an additional $3,500.

Plus, you'd have the gratitude of your friends for changing their lives forever. Priceless.

So... what are you waiting for?