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Accord Group joins forces with Habitat for Humanity

The Golden Rule is pretty simple: Treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s one of the four values that we try to live by every day.A before and after photo of the finished Habitat for Humanity home.

Last August, Dustin, a project manager from one of our offices in Virginia, had the opportunity to do just that. Thanks to his initiative, we were able to help the Prince William County Habitat for Humanity repair a home for a family in need.

We recently sat down with Dustin to hear the story about how it all went down.

1. How did you get involved with Habitat for Humanity?

“Last August, I was picking up some materials at the supply house and noticed a guy driving a Habitat for Humanity truck. It looked like he had broken his arm recently, but that wasn’t stopping him from loading his truck all by himself.

I noticed that he had lower-quality stuff, which made sense. What they had was more affordable, so they could buy more. I went over to introduce myself – his name was John. I told him that Steve Kemper Builder could get better materials for a lot cheaper since we do so much business with the supply house, and we’d be happy to help him out.”

2. So when did you start working with them?

“We ended up getting to do much more than just get them better materials. About a month later, John emailed us about a property they were looking to re-roof and asked for our help.

Our general manager, Jim, was all-in on the idea, so we started organizing things right away. We found a company that was generous enough to donate the materials to the project, then our crews got to work.”

3. What was it like to work with John?

Dustin partnered with Habitat for Humanity to provide housing for a family in need.

“John is a construction manager for Habitat for Humanity. He’s used to people saying they want to donate and get involved, but they usually don’t follow-through.

I told him, ‘We do what we say we’re going to do, and I told you we’re going to do it. We’re going to make this happen.’ People let him down pretty often, so it was really rewarding to actually come-through for him.”

4. Why is this cause important?

“Helping others is already at the core of our mission. It makes sense to find other people that are on the same mission and work with them to make an even bigger impact.

Habitat for Humanity provides shelter to people in need. We were able to be a part of that story by adding value to a home for a family that really needs it.”

5. Why do you want to give back to your community through your job?

“It goes hand-in-hand with our mission and what we want to do. Our CEO, Dustin Doll, “raised” us to be on the lookout for ways we can help people. This was a great opportunity for us to take care of someone.

I think about it like this: if we have the ability and opportunity to do something good, why on Earth wouldn’t we?”

Learn more about the Prince William County Habitat for Humanity here.

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